ctpHomeHacks is a 24-hour in-house virtual hackathon that will run over the course of two days, in two 12-hour blocks. 180 of the brightest developers from across New York City, recently accepted into CUNY Tech Prep will come together to hack the at-home learning environment.

We CUNY hackers have always believed in and loved the accessible nature of CS. While the new distance learning environment poses obstacles, we also believe that it presents new potential. ctpHomeHacks participants will come together in a learning-first minded event, all in the spirit of innovating for the novel work from home landscape and preparing students for the upcoming academic year. The 2020 fall semester will be a remarkably different one for many of us – ctpHomeHacks is a reminder for students that they are apart, but not alone in New York’s vibrant tech ecosystem. 

    Aug 18th and 19th, 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM


This is an exclusive event for CUNY Tech Prep students.


Main Requirement: Build the first iteration of your project that hacks the home learning environment.

  • An excersise in learning - the pursuit of knowledge, risk-taking, and code integrity is rewarded as opposed to merely delivering a clean product. 
  • Must be in a team with atleast 3 people and at most 5 people.  
  • Use Discord to communicate with your teammates for the duration of the Hackathon. 

Submit the following materials: 

  • Powerpoint or video demonstrating submission. 
  • Thouroughly answer fill out the #Whole Story post to best convey what you have learned - the more detail the better! Refer to https://www.ctphomehacks.com/judging to see what exactly we want answered. 
  • Link to github repo and/or link to deployed application. 

** Each team can only win one prize 

Indepth guidlines can be found here

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$697 in prizes

Best Use of Google Cloud

Each member on the winning team will be mailed a Google branded Patagonia backpack, acrylic trophy, and water bottle.

Best Overall

Each member on the winning team will be mailed a CTP pen and a monthly metro card courtesy of CUNY Tech Prep.

Best Use of Back End

Each member on the winning team will be mailed a swag pack filled with MongoDB goodies from our friends at MongoDB.

Best Use of Front End

Each member on the winning team will be mailed a branded swag basket via Cedar, which includes a Cedar tote, Cedar socks, and Cedar mug.

Students Choice

Each member of the winning team will receive LinkedIn Premium for a year via LinkedIn.
EDIT: All eligible prizes are automatically entered into this category.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Masuda Farehia
ctpHomeHacks Team

Zaiba Iqbal
Software Engineer Intern @ cups / ctpHomeHacks Team

Rebecca Li

Rebecca Li
Fullstack Engineer Intern @ CUNY Startups / ctpHomeHacks Team

Benjamin Hendricks

Benjamin Hendricks
Engineering Manager @ LinkedIn

Michelle Ling
Senior Software Engineer @ LinkedIn

Eric Sei
App Developer @ B-Bullard Inc. / ctpHomeHacks Team

Saar Haber
Web Developer at The Events Directory Team / ctpHomeHacks team

Judging Criteria

  • Relevance
    Does the project submitted address the theme ?
  • Innovation
    Was the solution presented and/or the technology used was used in a new, interesting way?
  • Completeness
    Is the submission complete on either a macro or micro level?
  • Design
    Does the design of the product elevate its usage?
  • SWE Best Practices
    Is the code submitted in accordance with SWE BEST Practices ?
  • Team Collaboration
    Is there evidence of good team collaboration?
  • Ability to Learn
    Did the team members take the chance to learn new technologies/concepts during the Hackathon?
  • Presentation
    Does the submission + attached files do well in pitching the project clearly and concisely provide an overview of all features?

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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